The Harrowing

by King of Tyrus

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released October 31, 2014


all rights reserved



King of Tyrus Saint Paul, Minnesota

King of Tyrus plays shows monthly in and around the Twin Cities and is quickly earning the respect of fans and peers alike by delivering an energetic, passionate live performance. These guys will always be a commanding presence on stage and will always provide a thought-provoking meditation on life and death off of it. ... more

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Track Name: Tremors
Have faith for the moment and reach into your jacket's pocket to
withdraw the precious locket with the
red velvet-laced necklace
Ithaca left you so you'd keep true
and not drift off from the palms she's laid for you
Brush away the tears you splash on the glass
and know you're blades of grass on an atlas

There was once a devil on a bone-pile throne...

"Stalk the sunlight, you well-walked wolf!"
- "Assassino! The world knows no heroes!"

And in our way, an orchard of gallows swings above our heads:
The Ornamental Witness
A justice, this clitless infant found:
Reason and it's paper spouse are upside-down


You showed me the only well worth drinking from is one that makes life short and sweet
I stretch my arms, reaching out around me, just to lock myself in time to escape

"Death," spoke the Jury. "Nothing like the honey of the prairies in whose arms I sleep." Though I'm in the court, I'm back home, listening to the earth as it speaks:

Down in the Valley
I saw an omen
It spreads it's dragon wings
and inside, an ocean

Bring the trees and gin, alive!
Set 'em in the bar, off-by
If today, I condemn, I wanna be
Wasted or high

Light a stick of incense and then sit with Death for one last chess match
Sink, port, bow, we're almost there now
with your fingers bent back, sailing them off deck,
and the violence comes again,
the wind runs through the holes in your hands.
So it's "RUN RUN, Salem!" then sandy oils churning...

Life is such that there is no return journey


Listen to the earth speak sweet Karma as Ithaca swallows teeth and then tongue

Set sail
Set sail
Set sail
So set sail in the way of the wind! This tragic story never ends.
Track Name: Image Breaker
We are all someone's child,
all star dust with no valence-of-virtue.
I spend my time here to meditate
star-gazing on the water
and to celebrate this loneliness.
Here, I brought you to think
But you don't
So lost out on the road

You look me in the eyes and you tell me, what I have to do for me to convince you that everything you, up to this point, said, I've heard before when I put your wife to bed
Singing the same old story, told over and over
In every culture
In every order
I see a sad excuse to try and save me, so while I'm still listening, tell me

Tell me again
Tell me how you see
Tell me how you see the Devil in the eyes of one another
'Cause when I find God, it'll be in the eyes of a lover
And that's as good'a devil for me to conquer

With tough love comes blood and guts and I've got just a few more bones to break before I feed you to the river

Bleeding hearts bleed out when given time
so I'll wait 'til you've all stopped trying to beat this message home
Baby wolves that scar the womb,
lie still, still-born zombie,
you're teeth aren't ready for feeding

Lost out on the road...

Still you try to drag your body forward when I've already kicked away the ladder that you so desperately crawl towards
And I'll be the one to start the laughter when you realize there's no Hereafter
This you should remember:
Your god's a taker, an asker, a breaker

I just can't believe
It's not who I am
I've found my home and it's deeper than you thought it to be,
'cause our best friends descend from wolves.
So come home, just come home

Look out o'er the dancing silver; see the other side
It's a bad way to go, that road, without a guide
I'll take you to the end of your faith; to the dock tonight.
"We'll all go sailing one day maybe, now rock-a-bye!"

We are all dumb children playing house in a sandbox our parents have pissed in. Shit in it yourself or wake the fuck up.
Track Name: Would You Kindly
Softly, sing the daughters of ADAM
Orphans with Orchid-rain to dance in
Needle marks and needless marching...
but it's not fruit they're harvesting.
In the Abyss, Hephaestus bellows
the air for a Phoenix gorged with plasmids
Ye, softly sing the daughters of Rapture


And by the Grace of God, would you damn them?
Lift their eyes to your own, Broken Robin.
Wind chimes in the blood-rusted autumn
Step inside for a shield, be an island

And this fountainhead, we found rotting
its gaping maw, a law we found laughing.
Iron Raptor, fall fall down down to Rapture
Find your home here, deep underwater


Just another same daydream/similar vulture/true free allure
So sing the daughters:
"Can't free nature/
so free Rapture/
Worked on paper/
but failed after"


Brought the fam' for a patent
Ended all gutted harvesting addicts
The fluids in your veins create a slick-lye-lake
so you slip across your innards to find bit-by-bit
that the limits of your knowledge are ingrained in
in the centers of your brain that I am painting with


O fate, this Atlantic
Of knowledge and self-discovery
Breathe in the silence; an ocean breeze,this silence

Don't count the leagues, count the lesions
Don't take the road, take the mountains
Step inside, wounded Robin,
now would you kindly bash his head in?


Sleigh Bells ringing; RING, you found a Rosie
Along came a spider with a pocket full of doses
First find Fountainhead then fucking fill it's spout with plasmids.
Rearrange it's DNA then fuck who'sever closest

With blood-covered copper and navy blue trappings,
I walk the docks over my infinite self-discovery
Every city on Earth should be terrified of Rapture
'cause it's orphan daughters just summoned the fucking Song Bird
Track Name: The Harrowing
Devil took her cunt with a forked tongue, painted it in silver, and then made her young again
That damn gypsy show skipped town on an omen,
'cause the Old Man made the little one a woman
"Let him in, no synonym in him"
To taste those celibates' secrets of spices like cinnamon
...Begin Sam's New Coven
His bastard children's wide red eyes burn right through their bellies so swollen

-"Life moves on! like a setting sun!"
I'll say! life's evolving 'cause the trees are budding and the 'walks are flowering
-"Life moves on!"
-"Life moves on!"
I'll say! life's evolving, but remember no happy endings

Fuck your optimism
Distorting life like light through a prism
My mind is weak, my crutch is drink
I sink in my teeth, 'cause I can't fucking think


Intestine-curtains cut in at a sit-in
The kill instillin' a sin within a villain
The tendons in my throat - like rope - fuckin' snappin' and I'm freakin' 'cause I'm closed-fucking-captioned

All these voices in my head say,
So many goodies in the body to play with...
I see Sophie in his chest cavity with a spleen, playing like she would in the bath back in Thebes.


Screams light an otherwise silent avenue of aspens in an uneventful, dimly-lit, little slap-stick excuse for respite

My fair viewpoint is bedridden and I see no future coming
I see no future coming

-"Life moves on! like a setting sun!"
I'll say! life's evolving, but remember no happy endings
Track Name: Send Me To Hell
You call this perfection?
‘cause the angels, they’re all callin’ for divine intervention
And we’re all thinkin’ of fallin’ to the edge of your creation,
that which you have neglected
We will make, for ourselves, a world
One you’d have dissected

We are the movers and the shakers of the future generations
We see only that the end result be weighted in our favor
And if it isn’t we stomp our feet to rouse a revolution,
gnashing our teeth at the throats of our saviors
Who strive for balance in the wake of the world’s end:
Pathetic poetic prophets of lesser words and
weak words make weak bones break
I am Abbadon, fucking shake as I speak

Oh it’s the world that moves like a river
down low, where the waters don’t whisper
But roar out like a demon
Calling for the heads
Of its maker's children

Witness an exodus right in front of us
Follow the blood in their prints with your eyes
to the gates, to the walls, to towers
The air is burning
It’s all breaking
Carry everything home, but nothing’s worth taking

Nothing’s worth taking

All our possessions, possessed by the fire
All our wings singed black in the folly
Now hear our voices call loudly

Oh it’s the world that moves like a river
down low, where the waters don’t whisper
But roar out like a demon
Calling for the heads
Of its maker's children

Send. Me. To. Hell
‘cause the high path’s height’s overrated
The scene’s dull and the people sedated
I wash my hands of this fucking madness
But, my passion's bottle-necked in the green
where, the seeds of the earth are planted
over the ground on which you stand cattle-branded
My hands rest at the table of Athens

where we discuss the likes of tyrants in the Vatican
We wipe our mouths with pages ripped from the Quran
There’s children playing music at the burning
And we all find its melody soothing
Save Death, when she comes a’knocking,
finding no king and nothing for the taking
Witness Hell as she comes to bury
the disemboweled, twitching corpse of a deity

I hold no quarter with the lynching of a god
I’ll tie the noose and toss your ass from Olympus,
breaking your neck just like the promises of old
Lick your wounds like Mary’s pussy and see
if any of us care and why the fuck would we?
The way I see it we’re all paying homage to a voyeur
and that’s enough to throw The Word of God into the fire.
And your sheep, we’ll throw them all into the fire!

I’ll fucking burn before I kneel

Send. Me. To. Hell.

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